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Xiangling 3D Paper Model - Handmade Artwork and DIY Craft Project

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Recommend Age: 12+y,18+

Material: Cardboard


1. Introduction of baby

1. This product is a paper model drawing, which needs to be cut and pasted by yourself, not a finished product.
2. The drawings of our shop are made now. After the baby is photographed, once the drawings are printed, they will not be refunded, returned or exchanged for other drawings. If the drawings are missing or damaged, please contact the owner to complete them.

2. Small knowledge of paper mold

1. Tools required for making paper molds: pencil sharpener, straight pointed tweezers, elbow tweezers, cutting pad, steel ruler, glue.

2. About 2in1: that is, two pages of drawings are printed on a piece of A4 paper, which is equivalent to reducing the drawing in half, which is equivalent to printing on A5 paper.

3. Drawing details

Drawing pages: 3 pages

Instruction format: PDO, please ask the owner after receiving the goods.

Fourth, the finished product display

The height of the finished product is about 28CM.